3 Fantastic Benefits of Hiring A Man And Van

Man and Van Southampton

So you’ve heard the phrase ‘Man and Van’ but do you actually know what a Man and Van is? And what exactly are the benefits of hiring a Man and Van?

Quite simply, a Man and Van moves an item, or items, from one location to another. Now this could be moving a fridge freezer from one house to another, collecting fence panels from your local DIY store or collecting items for disposal. Either way, the fundamentals are the same.

Generally a Man and Van business operates as a 1 or 2 man team, although some also have access to more people in order to complete larger jobs.

There are 3 primary options for moving an item, or items, from one location to another;

The Benefits Of Hiring A Man And Van


Hiring a Man and Van is traditionally more cost effective than using dedicated removal specialists, who tend to have higher overheads and therefore have to charge a higher fee. It can often work out cheaper than hiring a van yourself too, especially once you’ve factored in the fuel costs and potentially insurance costs in addition to the standard hire charge. 

Time Saving

By the time you’ve collected the van, completed the work, refilled the diesel tank and returned the van to the hire centre, that could easily be most of the day gone just to pick up a few items. By hiring a Man and Van company like Man and Van Southampton, you can reduce the time you spend on this task and make your life a little simpler in the process. Ditch the running around like a crazy person and let a Man and Van company take care of it for you.

Help with heavy and bulky items

Sometimes items are just too heavy or bulky for one person to lift safely. Instead of trying to damage yourself or the item you’re collecting, call on a Man and Van instead. If you choose a one person collection then you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and help out, but if you go for a two person collection then you can sit back and relax while they take care of the hard work. Bonus!

Man and Van Southampton is not your typical Man and Van business

Whilst we do follow the general concept of a man and van service, we are definitely NOT your stereotypical man and van business.

This is a true family run business that defies gender stereotypes and encourages equal opportunities, in what is primarily a male dominated industry.

Man and Van Southampton is run by husband and wife team, Dan and Hayley. It’s very much a family affair. You will often see one of our 2 children in tow – the youngest is a cracking lifter and the eldest is a master at stacking the van!

We focus massively on creating a good work ethic within our children and this is reflected in our business too. The children are heavily involved, both ‘on the frontline’ and behind the scenes too, booking appointments in the diary and keeping the vans clean and tidy.


How can we help you?

We offer a friendly and reliable service that is affordable and convenient, taking the stress out for you. We have 2 vans and a number of staff available, including female drivers for the more vulnerable customers.

Our services include;

  • Furniture deliveries – from a single item to a full van load
  • Store pickups
  • Small moves and student moves
  • Motorbikes and Quad bikes

We’ve even been known to deliver a palm tree!

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