Your Essential Moving Day Box: What To Pack To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

Your Essential Moving Day Box: What you need to pack to make moving day less stressful

You finally arrive at your dream home, after hours on the road. You can’t wait to explore and make this beautiful empty canvas into your new family home. But first, a cuppa and a wee!

You start searching the boxes, desperately trying to find the tea bags and toilet roll, but they’re nowhere to be seen. There’s boxes EVERYWHERE and you’ve got absolutely no chance of finding them any time soon.

So there’s a mad dash to the local supermarket to grab the essentials.

Not exactly the start you wanted for your new life in your new home!

Stressed woman

Now imagine you’d done the sensible thing and created an essential moving day box (or boxes!) how different would your new start have been?

You’d be able to explore your new home and surroundings comfortably, knowing that the essentials are easy to locate. You’d be able to relax after a long day moving, knowing that everything you need is exactly where you need it. Meaning you don’t have to stress about unpacking straight away.

But what exactly should you include in your moving day boxes?

Don't forget to label your moving day boxes and keep them separate from the other boxes so that your movers can load them last and unload them first.

You may not be ready to pack your moving day boxes just yet but it’s never too early to write out your list. Planning ahead will help relieve some of the moving day stress.

And when the time comes to book your move, get in touch with Man and Van Southampton. We’ll be happy to take the stress out of your move and transport your treasured possessions to your new home.

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